Energy Diplomacy and Domestic Capabilities

The 19th international oil show which is going to be held in Tehran in May was titled “Diplomacy Energy and Domestic Capabilities”.

Speaking at an expertise meeting related to the exhibition, Manager of 19th Tehran Oil Show, Akbar Nematollahi said: we are trying to hold the exhibition with massive participation of domestic and foreign companies as the secretariat of exhibition has started work in a bid to ask a growing number of companies to take part in a exhibition which is mainly focused on attracting international participation and foreign investment.

According to Nematollahi, initial registration will start in near future adding in the 19th exhibition domestic companies will play a role in marketing along with foreign companies.

The exhibition will cover various topics including research, domestic companies’ capabilities, subsidiaries needs and so on, manager of Tehran Oil Show told the meeting.   
He said the Oil Show is aimed at further interaction with Iranian and foreign companies in order to persuade them to attend Tehran Oil Show.
Iran has decided to hold the next oil show later than normal, from May 6 to 9, due to climatic conditions.
The next oil show will be of great significance in the light of Iran’s historic nuclear deal with world powers and the willingness of international companies to attend this Iranian event.

Events Items
  • Feb.15,2014Final step for Pre-registered exhibitors
  • Dec.24,2013Pre- Registration for19th Iran Oil Show
  • 6May 2014Opening Reception
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