Past Exhibitions

Eighteenth International Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Exhibition displayed a wide range of technical and industrial abilities of the Islamic Republic of Iran and other countries worldwide in the area of Oil, Gas and Petrochemical. The exhibition showed that the sanctions imposed by western countries not only failed in disabling Iran’s progress in these but caused Iran’s significant progress in technical innovations and self dependencies.

More than one hundred years of Iran’s history is intermingled with the world‘s oil industries publications. This exhibition displayed the latest the latest advancements in the oil industries and related technical services worldwide.

The exhibition was held during April 18-21, 2012 and the halls at the Permanent International Exhibition Fairground which were made available to the exhibition participants were:

6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-20-22-25A,B,E,F,C,D-27-31A,B-35-37-38A,40B-41A,B-44A andB61

Allocated Stand Areas are detailed below:

Iranian Companies-Indoor: 31966m2

Foreign Companies-Indoor: 4800m2

Iranian Companies-Outdoor: 8639m2

Foreign Companies-Outdoor: 875m2

Exhibitors based countries:

No. of Iranian Companies: 842

No. of Foreign Companies: 191

Number of Foreign Countries Participated: 26

Foreign Exhibitors were from: Germany, England, Canada, Austria, Armenia, Iraq, South Korea, Russia, Ukraine, China, France, Spain, Japan, Norway, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Republic of Azerbaijan and Croatia,Finland, Holland, Check Republic, Turkey, Switzerland, Italy, United Arab Emirate



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  • Foreign Exhibitors
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  • Feb.15,2014Final step for Pre-registered exhibitors
  • Dec.24,2013Pre- Registration for19th Iran Oil Show
  • 6May 2014Opening Reception
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